Friday, July 3, 2009

To SLove or Not to SLove: The Ex's

I don't know why I decided to address this particular issue in my series--many SL bloggers have shared their experiences with us, showing firsthand the pain SL brings when things don't work out. I have only "dated" two people in SL, and the man I "left" for Troy no longer plays the game or is now using an Alt who I don't know. I never had to deal with him in that awkward post break-up way--forced pleasantries, smoldering resentments, passive-aggressive jealousies, redefining boundaries...all that. So, erm, yeah, I'm no expert on SL ex's. (RL, now, THAT is another story...but not one for this blog).

So, what pontificating can I do? I think one of the trickiest part of navigating through SL with an ex (or more) lurking about might be if the Great Divide between SL and RL has been breached. Once you let someone into your RL, it's not quite as easy as deleting a name from a Friends List and hitting "Mute" on a profile. Many SL residents are also engaged in relationships that might get them into a fair bit of RL trouble, and crossing that divide can potentially threaten established RL relationships. Even if the divide stays firmly intact, the heart doesn't differentiate SL and RL. My profile once stated "Hearts broken in SL are also broken in RL." I think that says it all. I guess the question becomes...why do we put ourselves out there, taking the 'virtual' risk for RL trouble and heartache? Yes, that IS the question, isn't it?

And for that, I have no answers...or too many answers...or answers that contradict...or I need another cup of coffee and it's time to end this rambling.