Tuesday, July 21, 2009

things can only get better...right?

This has not been a good summer for myself or for Troy, not in terms of SL, but in terms of RL. I'm not talking 'gosh, I wish I had a different job, could lose some weight, could buy a new car' but serious loss and illness. We've both scaled back our SL time, cut some online commitments, and tried to focus on healing. I'm tired of bad things happening to us. I know all of life is a cycle, with ups and downs, but the downs are really starting to add up.

The only positive thing I can see is that despite all that we've been through, Troy and I have been through it together. It's no lie to say we've each gone through hell for the other over the past (almost) two years of friendship and seven months of partnering. That's something, something pretty damn significant. We're still together, still providing support for the rough times in RL, and a little bit of relief when we meet up in SL.

The other, much much happier reason for this entry is to highlight some amazing events in Live Music this weekend. Norris Shepherd, Max Kleene, Jase Branner, and Mash Rhodes are just a few of the SL musicians who will be meeting up this weekend in Montreal, with a full day of concerts scheduled together. It's going to be completely amazing. I'm pasting in the link from Norris's blog with a list of show times. You should absolutely, positively, without question attend a show. :D