Monday, March 29, 2010

Out With a Bang

As mentioned in a previous post, Bill Stirling closed Sagittaria Estates over the weekend. Not one to do a simple "Take" of the thousands of build-components in the various sims, Bill decided to do an actual demolition, and he told group members about it in advance.

I logged on very late Saturday night to find the sims of Nunki Kai engulfed in thunder & lightning. Also, for the first (I'd guess only) time, Flight was enabled. I flew around the sims to see the apartments knocked to the ground, fires smoldering, and a few dragons wreaking havoc.

After the dragons & Bill knocked down each sim's biggest structures, they did a sim wipe. In one massive stroke of the mouse, every single thing on the sim disappeared. In addition to nearly crashing SL for me each time it happened, I was struck with the tremendous sense of impermanence the command created, not that any of us need to be reminded of that, in SL or RL.

Bill left the Nunki Kai sim to the very last, as it was the first sim he created. This was the sim Troy lived on when I first met him, and fittingly, it was the sim where we were living when Bill announced the closing. I chose to go stand on Troy's old deck as they did the final sim wipe. One second it was there, and all the memories along with it, and the next, the sim was nothing but land. Of course, the memories remain.

We experience time in a linear fashion, only moving 'forward.' We remember the past but not the future, an interesting point raised by quantum physicists, science fiction writers, & theologians alike. The future is there in the same way the past is, with one important distinction. The future is filled with waves of possibility, and because our choices haven't been made...anything could happen. So, annoyingly, we can't see the future the way we see the past.

Waxing philosophical is a sure sign this entry is finished. I will be uploading a few pics from the demolition, as soon as blogger starts cooperating. They don't do justice to how cool it actually looked, though.