Monday, November 9, 2009

46 days till WHAT?

So, I'm doing my daily ritual of facebooking, and someone sends me some new app thingy that tells me it's 46 days until Christmas. Although I own many calendars, including the one that bosses me around all day long on my blackberry, I still managed to be surprised. The number of presents I've purchased? zero The number of christmas cards I've purchased? zero The number of lists (I LOVE the lists) designed to get my arse in gear? zero *reaches for pen and paper to begin list number ONE*

But before the insanity of an over-commercialized, highly inebriated christmas, we've got to get through Thanksgiving. My husband is working that wednesday, thursday, and friday, and my mom and I are planning a road trip with my son down to OK to see some relatives. This should be very interesting. (that's code for 'wtf was I thinking agreeing to go without my husband?')

In my youth, my family was tightly knit...holidays were passed together, with kids sleeping on floor while the adults laughed into the early morning playing cards. Cancer, death, divorce, & MUCH relocating have since intervened. My son won't get to experience these big family events, not in the same way, not the Norman Rockwell perfection I clearly remember. *sighs* So, I pack up the kiddo and head south, trying to recreate some of that 'spirit of things past' for my son. Wish me luck.

'Tis the season...let's try for peace.